Source: Libya Herald

Human Rights Watch has reported that at the start of the month, four rockets were fired into two Tawerghan refugee camps in Benghazi, killing three inhabitants and injuring seven others including two children.

HRW said that three rockets hit the Red Crescent camp to deadly effect while the fourth rocket struck the nearby Istijaba camp causing some damage but no casualties.

Witnesses told HRW investigators that there had been no military forces anywhere near either camp.

“Firing rockets into displaced persons’ camps with no military present shows utter disregard for civilian lives,” said Joe Stork, HRW’s deputy Middle East director. “Armed forces and militias need to do their utmost to protect civilians and ensure they are out of harm’s way.”

A witness said that it was thought that the rockets came from the Gwarsha area of the city, a district which is currently controlled by IS.  HRW said it had been told that the attack on the Red Crescent Camp lasted for half an hour and most of the injuries were from shrapnel that scythed through fragile makeshift shelters, most made from fibreglass piping.


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