Source: Radio Tamazuj

A peace meeting scheduled to take place on Weekday between the Ngok Dinka and the Arab Misseriya tribes at Diffra area in the north of Abyei has been postponed, a Ngok Dinka chief said.

Deputy Ngok Dinka Paramount Chief Nyol Fagot Deng told Radio Tamazuj that they were informed officially by the Misseriya leaders about the postponement of the peace meeting.

He claimed that the Khartoum government had not allowed the two tribes to hold the meeting without the participation of the two governments of Sudan and South Sudan.

“The Sudanese government has rejected the meeting, it says that they should be involved in it, so the exact date for the conference on 20 January will not succeed,” said the chief.

“The Sudanese government is rejecting, it is saying that the two governments should be involved so they can continue with the dialogue, it wants the involvement of South Sudan into the matter so that people can say that it is not alone in rejecting it,” he added.

The tribal leader said that South Sudan’s government has not created any similar obstacles to communication between the two tribes in the framework of peaceful coexistence in the area.


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