Source: Shabelle

Kenyan air force stepped up airstrikes in southern Somalia after Al shabaab attacked KDF base in the remote village of El Adde in Gedo region, a week ago.

Abdi Mohamud Hassan who is a local elder, told Radio Shabelle KDF jets hit Laheley, Baciidka Kurtun-dhoole, Jiirguduudo, Hussein-Gabooy and El-lgadud, Al shabaab controlled rural villages near El Adde town.

“The KDF jets kept carrying out retaliatory air-raids on residential areas in Gedo region in response to recent El Adde attack which killed scores of Kenyan soldiers,” said the elder.

It was unclear who many people were killed or injured in the KDF airstrikes on Al shabaab controlling areas in Gedo region, but previous aerial bombing killed many unarmed civilians in the region.

Al shabaab said its militants killed at least 100 KDF soldiers in El Adde attack while Kenya silent on commenting and revealing the death toll.


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