Source: Libya Herald

Fighting broke out once again today in the town of Tarhouna, 80 kilometres south east of Tripoli, on this occasion between the pro-Islamist Al-Kani brigade and local families opposed to it. Three people are said to have been killed and the Kani brigade to have blown up a number of homes of their opponents.

The brigade is allied to Ahmed Assadi, one of the local members of the General National Congress and regarded as one of its most hardline Islamists.

Tarhouna, once a Qaddafi stronghold, has seen regular bouts of clashes and killings in the past three years between between local families either supporting the revolution or considered unsympathetic to it.

Last August, following protests in part of the town at the death sentences passed on Saif Al-Islam and Abdullah Senussi and seven other leading members of the former regime, the Kani brigade shelled it when it was blocked from entering and arresting the protestors.

It is said that the main Tarhouna brigade led Islamist Salah Marghani has not been involved in today’s fighting. It is usually based near the ruined Tripoli International Airport.

Marghani and his family were accused of being responsible for the massacre last March of several members of the rival Habshi family.


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