Source: Yemen Times

Violent ground clashes continue in Taiz between the Popular Resistance and the Houthis backed up by forces loyal to the Ex- President Ali Abdulla Saleh. Although the Houthis have been making advancements in the past three days in Taiz, Popular Resistance were able to regain control over “Al Ekhwa” district and take over Zayed Park. Local Sources said that at least 13 Houthi militants and 2 Popular Resistance leaders have been killed in this attack.

Fierce fighting was reported by locals on 60 Street, which has been a battle location for more than three days. Residents said that dead bodies were lying on the street and they could see heavy smoke rising from that area . Popular Resistance said that they have captured 3 Houthi militants as hostages and bombed 2 Houthi today.

Houthi militants and forces loyal to the Ex President shelled several areas in Taiz including Jarra and Kalaba mountains and Al Jumhoory district. According to residents, Houthis shelled random residential locations which led to the killing of 3 civilians and injuring at least 10.

According to doctors, hospitals in Taiz do not have the capacity to occupy patients’ needs. “We get at least 10 severely injured people a day, and many come to us in critical conditions, we do not have electricity, we lack beds, and we are understaffed,” said a doctor working in a public hospital. As the street fighting and air strikes continue doctors fear that they will no longer be able to help anyone in need of medical treatment.

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