Source: Yemen Times

A Series of massive explosions, shook the capital Sana’a on Monday,  after the Saudi-led coalition warplanes targeted weapons storages in the mountain of Nuqom., east of Sana’a.

Many neighborhoods were severely affected by the explosions, locals reported  that the explosions were massive, dead bodies and injured people were seen on the streets, houses were destroyed and people were running hysterically trying to flee the area.

“ The sky turned into flames, warplanes hit Nuqom and rockets from the mountain started firing randomly back at us, fumes and smoke were seen everywhere, I could hear the people screaming, then I heard ringing in my ears  then I stopped hearing for five minutes I thought I was deaf,” said one of the residents in Nuqom.

Al Thwra Hospital which is close to Nuqom was badly affected by the explosions, windows were shattered, the roof fell in some of the operation rooms, panic and fear spread around the hospital. According to staff people were coming in hurt and they weren’t able to treat them due to the chaos and how badly the hospital has been hit. A nurse said even the blood bank in the hospital was completely destroyed , and she called for help from NGO’s, as they are in desperate need for doctors, nurses, medical supplies and blood donations. According to staff, at least 40 have been killed and more than 100 have been injured by today’s attacks.

The spokesperson of the coalition General Ahmed Al Assiri said that the mountain of Nuqom was targeted because they had received intelligence information that confirmed that the area contains weapons warehouses used by the Houthis

A cease fire was proposed by the coalition to start on Friday, Assiri said that the success of the truce depends on the Houthis, as the cease-fire should be from both sides.

Warplanes  continue to target Houthi locations and Houthis continuing advancing in the south and targeting Saudi land, the people see no hope in the horizon. “The signs of truce was the rockets we saw flying, and the smell of blood everywhere, even if the truce happens what will 5 days do, look around you and see the amount of destruction, we need this war to end,” said an old man living in Musaik area.


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