Source: Bangkok Post

Two soldiers and two civilians were wounded by a bomb explosion in Sungai Kokok district of Narathiwat province on Wednesday morning, police said.

Pol Col Waesamae Salae, the Sungai Kolok police chief, said attack occurred on the Tak Bai – Sungai Kolok road at Buema village in tambonn Pasemat about 7.30am.

According to police investigators, a team of soldiers from Company 1913 of the Narathiwat Task Force 30 went to the spot on being informed by Surin Chenu, the chief of Mueba village, that some people had spray-painted the words “Patani Merdeka” on the road near the village.

While the soldiers, Mr Surin and a number of villagers were using solvent to erase the paint on the road, a home-made bomb hidden on the road side was detonated remotely.

Two soldiers, Sub-Lt Kunanont Permpornsri and Sgt Maj Sathit Baokaew, the village chief and his assistant Asari Chewae were wounded in the explosion.

They were admitted to Sungai Kolok Hospital.

In Raman district of Yala, a villager was shot dead early on Wednesday, police said.

The shooting occurred on a road at Ban Tano Mudu in tambon Jakua of Raman district about 5.30am.

Aduelee Walae, 24, was riding on a motorcycle from his house towards tambon Jakua. He was followed by two men on another motorcycle.  The pillion rider shot him in the back, killing him instantly, according to witnesses.


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