Source: Radio Tamazuj

Over 60 women from the Messeriya, Rizeigat, and Dinka Malual tribes of Sudan and South Sudan met to discuss ways to promote peace in Northern Bahr El Ghazal.

The Women’s Peace Conference started Saturday and ended Monday.

Head of peace committee from Rajab Ahmed Rashid said the peace conference will help women to preach peace among their community when they returned by singing songs of peace instead of songs of war.

“We are one people with the same culture,” she said, adding that there is no reason why the three tribes kill each other at the border so they will not support men in war.

She said the delegations agreed to promote coexistence among the three communities.

Mohmed Ali Gurucih, head of Rizeigat, told Radio Tamazuj that the conference resolved to form a women’s  committee to handle border issues between the two countries so the tribes live in peace.

Dinka Malual women representative Ragina Angeth Dut said they agreed at the conference to allow each other to move freely without fear amongst each other

Messeriya head of women representative Gisima Ibrahim hamid said they are happy about the peace conference.

She told Radio Tamazuj they have agreed to talk with their sons and husbands about coexistence to avoid conflict between the tribes.


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