Source: Times of India

Suspected insurgents of banned National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) have abducted 11 persons from Amchurmukh, near Rajivnagar in Mamit district of neighbouring Mizoram, a senior police official said on Saturday.

Uttam Bhaumick SP (Police Control) said 16 people including five from Chakma tribal community were coming towards Tripura by a jeep which was stopped at gun point at Amchurmukh and then five tribals were freed and the rest 11 persons were abducted.

The incident occurred at about 9pm last night near the Mizoram-Tripura border.

Superintendent of police of North Tripura district, Abhijit Saptarshi said he was in touch with his counterpart in Mamit district so that the ultras could not sneak into the Bangladesh territory, which is just five km from the spot from where the workers were abducted.

Bhaumick said the kidnapped persons are construction labourers from Karimganj district of Assam.


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