Source: Radio Tamazuj

The Mayom County Commissioner has accused South Sudanese rebels loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar of raiding at least 7,000 cattle in Unity State last month.

John Bol told Radio Tamazuj that rebels came from Guit and Rubkona to raid 7.000 cattle in Mayom County bordering Warrap State.

The commissioner denied the earlier reported role of Warrap County youths in raiding into Mayom County, instead blaming rebels within Unity State.

“What happened at Mayom between 19th and 21st August last month, rebels from Rubkona, Koch and Guit within Unity State raided cattle from this county,” said Bol.

The commissioner said 2000 head were raided on 21 August at Rier and 5000 were also raided south of Wangkei at place called Gutnyang on 19 August.

Bol called on the ‘white army’ under rebels of Riek Machar to return the cattle because the civilians who had those cattle basically depend on them as their food.

The commissioner also urged international humanitarian agencies to offer assistance to displaced people at Wangkei.


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