Source: The Star

Bungoma county commissioner Mohamed Maalim has denied claims that the Sabaot Land Defence Forces in Mt Elgon is regrouping.

He said the militia was dismantled by government forces during the 2007 Okoa Maisha operation.

Maalim said insecurity in the region is isolated cases of robberies by people with illegal firearms.

Last week, Western Kenya Human Rights Watch executive director Job Bwonya said the outlawed group is behind the recent spate of insecurity in which at least four people have been killed.

“Those claiming that the SLDF has returned need to show security officers where the militia is hiding. Lobby groups are spreading propaganda and alarmist stories,” said maalim.

He was speaking during a tree-planting exercise in the Kipsegon area on Saturday.

“We have intelligence reports that the group now calls itself 15 Brothers, Moorland Forces and Political Revenge Movement,” Bwonya said.

Lobby groups have linked the killing of two prominent businessmen in Sirisia and another one and his wife in Cheptais to the militia.


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