Source: Radio Dabanga

A woman was killed and three others injured in an ambush by militiamen in the area of Labdo, Yassin locality in East Darfur on Friday. In Nyala, capital of South Darfur, gunmen shot a citizen on Thursday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a resident of Labdo camp for the displaced reported that on Thursday evening a group of four armed men on camelback had stolen 150 sheep from his neighbour Mohamed Adouma in the area of Labdo, near Muhajiriya town.

“A rescue team was formed the next day that tracked the thieves, and found them in the area of Sani Reel. After a gunfight, the team managed to collect the stolen sheep. Yet, on their way back they were ambushed by these government-backed militiamen in Wadi Mirafura. Camp displaced Sadia Abdel Rahman was fatally hit by a bullet. Hassan Mohamed Ali, Eisa Ibrahim Adam, and Adam Abdel Majid were wounded.”

The camp resident added that the incidents were reported to the Unamid police. The wounded were transferred to a hospital in Nyala for treatment.

“Abdallah Mohamed (60) was injured on Thursday, when gunmen fired at him in the Ama Kasara district in the northern part of Nyala”, a listener told Radio Dabanga from South Darfur’s capital. “Two Janjaweed on camelback told Mohamed to get off his donkey. When he refused, they shot at him, injuring him in his shoulder.”


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