Source: Radio Okapi

The former M23 rebel movement may be in the process of recovering more than three monthsafter its collapse. The new formation is believed to be congregating about 60 miles northeast of Goma (North Kivu). According to security sources, the former rebels are carrying out recruitment to create a new movement, the M27. The UN Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO), has allegidly taken note of suspicious movements in the region, but cannot determine at this time if they are related to the former rebel movement.

The head of the office of MONUSCO in Goma, Ray Virgilio Torres, has stated that former M23 rebels are active in the region, but that he was unable to confirm that such activity indicates a reorganization of the rebel movement.

“We tried to see what was actually going on with this M27 group. What we we do know is what happened to Remeka. Ex-M23 were organized in groups and seemed to want to go south of Masisi and perhaps beyond, particularly in Walikale, for some reason, we do not know ” he explained.

In early August, a group of people claiming to be former M23 rebels attacked the police station in Remeka, south of Masisi.

Torres states that MONUSCO is actively monitoring all activities of armed groups in the Masisi area.

Speaking on August 8th before the Security Council, the Permanent Representative of France to the UN had said France fears a military reorganization of the M23 rebels.


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