Source: Yemen Times

Violent clashes ongoing between the Houthis and opposing tribesmen in Al-Jawf governorate, have left a prominent tribal leader dead.

Ahmed Mohsen Najda, the 39-year-old tribal leader and head of the Islah Party’s Political Department in Al-Jawf, was killed late Monday in an attack in Halwan area, Al-Ghail district of Al-Jawf.

Mubarak Al-Abadi, director of the Islah Party’s Media Department in Al-Jawf said that Najda was shot dead while he was trying to rescue an injured tribesman affiliated with the Popular Committees.

“Najda is a tribal leader and was trying to rescue an injured tribesman in Al-Ghail district but was shot dead by the Houthis,” he added.

Al-Abadi claims that people involved in the fighting in Al-Jawf are tribesmen defending their governorate, regardless of their political affiliation.

Al-Abadi denied news reports by local media suggesting nine of Najda’s security escorts were killed in the fighting.

Faisal Al-Aswad, a journalist based in Al-Jawf, said that the situation is still volatile in Al-Jawf, adding that sporadic clashes occur, particularly at night.

“About 500 tribesmen have arrived in Al-Jawf on Tuesday from Al-Baida governorate to back the tribesmen in their fight against the Houthis,” said Al-Aswad.

The Houthis recount a different story. Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Houthis’ Political Office, asserted that Najda was killed in clashes between the Houthis and Islah affiliates in Al-Jawf.

“Najda was killed in clashes, not in an ambush by Ansar Allah [Houthis],” added Al-Bukhaiti.

Mabkhout Mohammed, a journalist based in Al-Jawf, told the Yemen Times that fighting between the two warring parties was ongoing as of Wednesday afternoon.

Clashes in Al-Jawf have been ongoing since late June, leaving several people killed and injured on both sides.


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