Source: Yemen Times

One soldier was killed and three people were wounded in an attack on an army vehicle in Al-Dhale city by unknown armed men on Tuesday.

An armored vehicle of the 33rd Armored Brigade was attacked on its way to a military site in Al-Dhale governorate on Tuesday, according to Waleed Al-Khateeb, media officer in the Coordination Office in Al-Dhale city.

The Coordination Office is a civilian committee tasked with securing Al-Dhale city.

One soldier was killed, and two soldiers as well as one civilian were injured in the attack, said Al-Khateeb. He suspected the unknown armed men to be members of the Southern Movement, which was formed in 2007 and advocates an independent South Yemen.

Al-Khateeb said the attack led to fighting between the two sides that lasted less than thirty minutes, after which the armed men fled.

When the Yemen Times contacted Southern Movement activist Essam Al-Shaeri from Al-Dhale, he said that the conflict took place between citizens in Al-Dhale and did not involve the Southern Movement.

“Some Hirak [Southern Movement] members have controlled some locations in the governorate and have been restricting the army’s access into it,” said Al-Khateeb, adding that the armored vehicle was on its way to enter one of the locations controlled by the Southern Movement.

A member of the Al-Dhale Tribal Council, Mohammad Al-Aqla, said the attack came after security forces of the 33rd Armored Brigade were deployed in the city on Monday evening, which caused members of the Southern Movement there to be alert.

In another incident reported in the same area on Monday, Mohammed Al-Hanek, general manager of the Ministry of Education’s office in Al-Dhale, survived an attack on his car by unknown armed men, yet the driver was killed.

Al-Dhale has been witnessing a series of sporadic clashes between the army and armed members of the Southern Movement since late 2013. On December 27, 2013, the 33rd Armored Brigade shelled a funeral tent filled with Southern Movement members, killing 15. The brigade explained the shelling happened by mistake whereupon the Southern Movement demanded the brigade’s relocation.

Dozens of people from both sides, including civilians, have been killed in clashes between both parties since late 2013.

The Yemen Times attempted to contact local security forces in Al-Dhale area for comments but they refused to respond.


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