Source: Radio Okapi

Seven attacks by groups of highwaymen were recorded in the past three weeks on the number 5 national road in the Ruzizi plain, which connects the town of Bukavu to the city of Uvira in South Kivu. Over the course of the attacks, three people  have been killed, five injured, and several loads of valuables stolen; numbers which have been confirmed by the commander of the Congolese National Police (PNC) of the City of Kagando- Kiliba.

The most recent incident took place Monday near Namunindi. A minibus in transit was shot by unknown gunmen. No one was reported to have been injured or killed.

The attackers barricaded the road leading to Namunindi, preventing the minibus proceeding before opening fire.

According to witnesses, the driver did not comply with demands to stop and continued on, ignoring the barrier. 

The deadliest attack in the recent string of incidents occurred two weeks ago near Rushima. According to local sources, five vehicles were attacked on the same day by unknown gunmen. 

FARDC official Luvungi Kiliba promised to take urgent measures to put an end to this situation.


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