Source: Radio Okapi

New efforts of boundary demarcation between Rwanda and the DRC launched Tuesday, August 26 between North Kivu and Rubavu district in Rwanda. A mixed DRC-Rwanda commission runs the project in accordance with the main recommendation of the bipartisan Rwanda-DRC meeting on the question of the border limits, held from 5 to 9 last August in Goma.

Experts from the DRC and Rwanda and members of the Joint Committee, will have to travel 27 km – from the Great Barrier in Goma to northeastern territory of Nyiragongo – in order to identify the boundary pillars, says Roger Rashidi Tumbula, advisor to the governor of North Kivu and a member of the Congolese delegation to the commission.

As of Tuesday, he said, the Joint Committee has identified seven boundary markers between Goma and Gisenyi, on the twenty two terminals left by the Belgians and the Germans in 1911.

Rashidi Tumbula however said that some terminals have not been found as they have broken away.

Currently, the neutral zone is already widely invaded by both sides of the border, especially between the towns of Goma and Gisenyi.

In early June, the armed forces of both countries faced off briefly in Kanyesheja in the territory of Nyiragongo.


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