Source: Radio Okapi

Fifteen Yakutumba Mai Mai were killed in the fighting on Tuesday, Aug. 26, against the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC). the fighting took place in the vicinity of the towns of Lubomo and Mwayenga in Fizi (South Kivu). Military sources in the region say an intelligence officer of the naval force was also killed in the clashes.

The second commander of the 1004th Regiment FARDC based in Baraka said two of the attackers canoes sank in Lake Tanganyika with twenty men on board and a large consignment of arms and ammunition as well as food rations.

The the rebel Yakutumba commander does not recognize any deaths of his soldiers but confirmed that one of his canoes was hit by an FARDC rocket.

Yakutumba has further stated that he took control of Lake Tanganyika on the broader of Lubomo Mwayenga after the withdrawal of the FARDC forces.

The FARDC commander in Baraka has rejected the statement saying that the attackers have been using their canoes equipped with heavy weapons and high speed motors to plunder travelers.

Regular clashes between FARDC and Mayi-Mayi Yakutumba have hindered the development of the Fizi region.

More than 5,000 people have been displaced due to fighting in the area since last May.


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