Source: Sabahi

Three people, including an infant, were killed Thursday morning (August 21st) when two armed men threw an explosive devise into the cabin of a commuter minibus in the Kasula district of Kigoma region, Tanzania’s The Citizen reported.

Six other passengers were injured in the attack, which occurred near the Migongo military base in Buhigwe district. The injured were transferred from a local hospital to one in Kasulu Mjini on Thursday afternoon after their conditions deteriorated.

Police said the bus was traveling from Kilelema to Kasulu Mjini when an armed man walked into the middle of the road in an attempt to stop the bus. When the driver refused to stop, the man yielded, and as the bus sped away, a second man threw a bomb into the cabin, Tanzania’s The Guardian reported.

Buhigwe District Police Chief Frank Utonga said the suspects did not take anything from the passengers.

“We are currently investigating the incident and we will issue a report,” he said. “We want to know why they carried out the mission.”

Director of Criminal Investigations Issaya Mngulu told The Guardian last month that a string of recent bombings throughout the country are organized by a local criminal network, not foreign criminal networks as speculated.


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