Source: Radio Dabanga

A woman was killed in an air raid on the area of Goz Dor village, East Jebel Marra, on Saturday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, a resident of Khazan Tunjur in East Jebel Marra reported that about 5:30 pm on Saturday, “during heavy rains”, an Antonov began to bomb rural areas in East Jebel Marra.

“The Antonov dropped four bombs on the outskirts of the village of Argo Telo, six bombs in the area of Goz Dor, and three bombs near Souri village. Taking shelter in a hut against the rain, Um El Kheir Omar Adam (55), mother of four children, was hit on her farmland near ​​Goz Dor, about five km west of Khazan Tunjur. She died on the spot.”

The resident appealed to the UN, the UN Security Council, and international human rights organisations to “immediately intervene, and protect the civilians in the region, and by pressuring the Sudanese government to stop the continuous and indiscriminate aerial bombardments on people living in East Jebel Marra.


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