Source: Radio Dabanga

The National Umma Party has called on the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat tribes to cease hostilities. It will invite the leaders of the warring tribes and other tribal leaders to a meeting in Khartoum, to prevent renewed tribal fighting in Darfur.

Sara Nugdallah, the Secretary-General of the National Umma Party (NUP), on Thursday urged the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat to stop the hostilities.

Fierce clashes broke out last week between militant tribesmen of the Rizeigat and Ma’aliya in the area of Um Rakuba in Abu Karinka locality, East Darfur. More than 500 people were killed.

Nugdallah said that the Khartoum regime is benefiting from the clashes between the tribes. “We should not implement the malicious plans, goals, and agendas of the regime, and letting tribes annihilate each other.”

“The NUP will invite all the leaders of Ma’aliya, Rizeigat, and the Darfuri tribes to a meeting in Khartoum to stop the bloodshed, and find a solution,” Nugdallah announced.

‘NCP causing tribal wars’

For his part, Sheikh Matar Younis, a prominent Darfuri leader, appealed to the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat to resort to the voice of reason. He also called on the Darfuris working in executive and legislative institutions to submit their resignation in protest against what is happening in Darfur, and to “all the people of Sudan to go to the streets, to oust the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) from power”.

“The NCP has not only created this huge economic crisis, it is behind every tribal war in Darfur and Kordofan, and the genocide taking place in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, and even in the capital Khartoum.”

Buffer troops

The Ministry of Interior on Thursday ordered the deployment of more buffer troops in East Darfur to contain the situation in Abu Karinka. 

The Deputy Director-General of the federal police forces, Lt.-Gen. Omar Mohamed Ali arrived to East Darfur State’s capital Ed Daein on Friday to oversee the implementation of the security arrangements, and the deployment of the buffer troops.


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