Source: Radio Tamazuj

The SPLA-Juba acting spokesman has confirmed clashes broke out on Thursday morning in Doleib area of Upper Nile State, launched by rebels from northern Jonglei.

Spokesman Joseph Marier claims SPLA-IO rebels from Pigi County launched an attack on the SPLA-Juba base at Doleib.

Marier said the details of clashes are still emerging, since the fighting began only this morning.

Thep Okech Ajak, an advisor in the Upper Nile State Ministry of Information, told Radio Tamazuj this morning that Anakdiar and Doleb were hit by serious shelling by rebels from Pigi County in Jonglei.

Anakdiar and Doleib are located on the northern bank of the Sobat river dividing Upper Nile from Pigi County of Jonglei.

“While in Malakal town the security is calm but our citizens in the town went to hide in the UNMISS camps because because of gun shooting daily from rebels,” Okech stated.

Okech said they have information that they could be attacked in Malakal, saying the army is ready to repulse any attack by rebels.

Radio Tamazuj was unable to contact the rebels for comment. 


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