Source: Radio Okapi

The Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC) and the Burundian rebel National Liberation Front (FNL) have been reported to be fighting since Thursday, August 21 in the towns of Kazimwe, Kisanga and Muhungu in Muhungu group in South Kivu. The head of the FNL has claimed that it is the military who launched the attack Thursday morning. He speaks of heavy and light weapons used by the Congolese army.

The commander of the 111th regiment of the FARDC based in Kabunambo confirmed the clashes. He asserts that the Congolese soldiers have already taken control of these localities.  No other source has been able to confirm takeover of these areas by the army.

The outcome of these clashes is not yet known.

Several local sources indicate that military attacks against FNL positions in this area were aimed at ending the theft of agricultural products from farmers. Charges laid against the Burundian rebels.

The clashes have caused the displacement of local residents who have fled to the nearby towns of Kiliba and Kahwuzi. Others fled into the bush.


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