Source: Yemen Times

Unknown armed men assassinated Abdulkareem Al-Dhahab in Sana’a on Tuesday, leaving two of his bodyguards inured.

The independent Al-Masdar newspaper quoted eye witnesses who said to have seen unknown armed men in a car, firing at Al-Dhahab’s vehicle in Baghdad street in Sana’a.

Sources further reported that Al-Dhahab’s corpse and the injured bodyguards were transported to the hospital, while security forces started their investigation.

Al-Dhahab is a leading tribal family in Qaifa area in Al-Baida governorate, northeast Sana’a.

Fahad Al-Taweel, a journalist based in Al-Baida, claims about 11 male members of the Al-Dhahab family are known to support Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

Abdulkareem Al-Dahab, his brother Khalid Al-Dhahab and his nephew Majid Al-Dahab, however, are all opposed to AQAP and supported military operations against it.

Al-Taweel also said that Abdulkareem and his brothers have been threatened by their pro-AQAP relative, for supporting the government and not affiliating with AQAP.

The Yemeni army had launched several attacks against those members of the Al-Dhahab family who are allegedly affiliated with AQAP. In September 2013, an air raid alleged to be an American one, killed Qaied Al-Dhahab and four of his escorts in Al-Manaseh area in Al-Baida governorate.

In May 2012, an earlier attempt had been made to kill Qaied Al-Dhahab in a drone attack in Rada’a area in Baida governorate, which Qaied Al-Dhahab survived.


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