Source: Yemen Times

Four alleged Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) members and a soldier were killed on Sunday in clashes between gunmen and the military in Al-Qatan city in Hadramout governorate, according to the Defense Ministry’s website.

“Clashes broke out at about 2 AM when alleged Al-Qaeda members attacked the Special Forces camp in Al-Qatan,” Mohammed Al-Sharafi, a journalist stationed in Al-Qatan, told the Yemen Times.

According to him, the clashes continued until 9 AM and then moved from the Special Forces camp to nearby residential neighborhoods.
“Security forces besieged a house in the city and shelled it using light, medium, and heavy weapons, including tanks. Several houses and street vendors’ goods in the city’s market were destroyed,” Al-Sharafi added.

Radhi Sobaih, managing editor of the independent Hadarem news website based in Hadramout, told the Yemen Times that “military reinforcements arrived from the 1st Military Command. After laying siege around the house they were able to raid a cell suspected of being related to AQAP.”

This information was confirmed on the Defense Ministry’s website. The Defense Ministry also reported that five militants were arrested and five soldiers were wounded.

Clashes stopped at 11 PM on Sunday shortly after calm returned to Al-Qatan city.

“Al-Qatan’s residents have been living in constant fear of clashes breakout out between the army forces and individuals they think are part of AQAP,” Sobaih said.      

Fighting broke out periodically in Al-Qatan city from August 5 to 7 between the army and AQAP militants who launched attacks on the district’s government headquarters. They controlled the city for a few hours before security forces expelled them from the city and they retreated to surrounding areas.


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