Source: Radio Dabanga

Hundreds of tribesmen have been killed and injured in one of the fiercest clashes that erupted so far between the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat in the area of Um Rakuba in Abu Karinka, East Darfur, today.

According to reports by multiple sources in Um Rakuba, at least 123 Ma’aliya and more than 200 Rizeigat were killed.

Member of Parliament for Abu Karinka constituency, Hamdan Abdallah Tirab, told Radio Dabanga that a group of Rizeigat militants this (Wednesday) morning attacked Ma’aliya tribesmen in Um Rakuba. “the attackers used four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, horses, and donkeys.” Tirab said that the casualties are currently being counted.

The MP demanded from the federal government to “fulfil its duty towards its citizens, and protect them all over Sudan”. “The government should implement what has been agreed on with the warring parties, and send more troops to separate the tribesmen.”

Tirab added that the Minister of Interior Affairs later on the day would deliver a report on the situation in the area, as well as the measures that have to be taken to prevent a repetition of what happened today.

Authorities absent

Mohamed Eisa Eleiwo, chairman of the Rizeigat Elders Council of Abu Karinka locality, announced that according to a first count, at least 100 Rizeigat were killed. Eleiwo expressed his deep regret that “war-mongering thugs from both tribes have caused the death of innocent people in Um Rakuba”.

The Rizeigat elder said that he holds both the East Darfur State and federal governments responsible for the clashes. “The East Darfur State government has been entirely absent. The state, the federal government, the Presidency, the Ministry of Interior Affairs, and the Parliament, were all well informed, in detail, about what was going on. But as we say, who does not call out, will not live.”

Rule of law

In Khartoum, the Darfuri Civil Society Platform appealed to the leaders of the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat to stop the bloodshed of innocent people. Dr Amin Mahmoud, the Platform’s deputy chairman told Radio Dabanga that the Platform followed with “great sadness” the escalating strife between the two tribes.

He called on political and community leaders to intervene, stop the hostilities, and contain the situation, and urged the authorities to “restore the rule of law, to prevent militant tribesmen to take the law into their own hands again”.

On Saturday, at least 47 tribesmen were killed in fighting that broke out between Ma’aliya and Rizeigat in Um Rakuba after the theft of a camel, a horse, and two donkeys. MP Tirab requested the Interior Minister to investigate the alleged participation of police forces in the fighting. 


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