Source: Radio Dabanga

The East Darfur State government announced that 47 tribesmen were killed in fierce fighting that erupted between Ma’aliya and Rizeigat in the area of Um Rakuba, Abu Karinka locality on Saturday.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, multiple sources told Radio Dabanga from Abu Karinka on Sunday that the toll of dead and wounded was 113 from both sides. “The people fear for even bloodier clashes to come.”

”The death toll of the renewed armed conflict of the Ma’aliya and Rizeigat ranges between 45 to 47 tribesmen, while about 50 people sustained injuries”, El Ajeb Kabour, Deputy Governor of East Darfur State informed Radio Dabanga from state capital Ed Daein.

“While both tribes tell the media that they are committed to the peace agreements they signed, the fights on the ground continue.”

Kabour reported that the fighting broke out after the theft of livestock. “Each party accuses the other one of theft. The Ma’aliya said that Rizeigat stole a horse, a camel, and two donkeys.

“Military troops have been stationed between the localities of Abu Karinka, Abu Jabra, and Assalaya,” the East Darfur Deputy Governor said, “in order to contain the situation, and prevent renewed clashes. “We need to reinstate the rule of law, but this can only be done after containing the clashes.”

Kabour added that the state authorities talked with native administration leaders of both tribes, who stressed that they are in control of their tribesmen. He has been postponed to the end of the month.

The sources told Radio Dabanga that the fighting started after cattle belonging to Ma’aliya had been stolen. “The Ma’aliya rescue team, however, tracking the thieves on Saturday, ran into an ambush laid by the Rizeigat.” According to these sources, Rizeigat militants in four-wheel drive vehicles loaded with heavy weapons, then attacked the area of Um Rakuba, inhabited by Ma’aliya. “26 Ma’aliya tribesmen were killed, and 36 injured. The Rizeigat lost 15 men, and 36 were wounded.”

Government forces involved

Member of Parliament for Abu Karinka constituency, Hamdan Abdallah Tirab, on Sunday urgently requested the Minister of Interior Affairs, Ismat Abdel Rahman, to investigate the alleged participation of police forces in the fighting. He said that weapons and vehicles used during the clashes, were recognised as belonging to the Ministry.

The MP told Radio Dabanga that clashes between the two tribes have become a frequent phenomenon, “of which the authorities have knowledge beforehand”.

On Sunday (today) dozens of young Ma’aliya gathered in front of the parliament building in Omdurman, denouncing what they called the involvement of various paramilitary forces in the fighting. They accused elements of the Border Guards, the Rapid Support Forces, the Popular Defence Forces, the Central Reserve Police (Abu Tira), and the regular police of participating in the attacks on Ma’aliya in Abu Karinka locality.


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