Source: Yemen Times

Eight people were killed and about 34 others injured on Wednesday when a bomb placed near the Saber Central Security in Saber area of Tebn district in Lahj governorate detonated as bomb disposal experts were trying to defuse it.

According to the state-run Saba News Agency, a police official in Lahj said that eight were killed and 34 were injured in the blast. The official reported that the bomb disposal experts placed the bomb in a vehicle so they could take it out of the residential area before attempting to diffuse it, but it exploded before they could drive off.

Fahmi Othma Maoda, the security chief of Lahj, said that three bomb disposal experts were killed in the blast.

Among the casualties were Mohammed Fareed, the security chief of Tebn district, and Hisham Atiry, the managing editor of Aden Al-Ghad newspaper.

The bomb was planted on the main road near Saber Central Prison, the main prison in Saber area, Maoda said, adding that “investigations are underway to identify the circumstances of the incident.”

A resident informed the security apparatus about the bomb and a team of bomb disposal experts was sent to defuse it, according to Maoda.

Basim Al-Zuriqi, a journalist in Lahj, said that several people were injured in the blast because after hearing about the bomb many residents rushed to the scene out of curiosity.

It remains unclear who planted the bomb and for what reason.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Majedi, the governor of Lahj, is quoted on the Defense Ministry’s website as saying that “terrorists set a bomb on the road in Saber area.”

“A team of experts from the Military Engineering Department was sent to defuse the bomb. They defused the first detonator but the terrorists detonated the second one remotely,” he added.

The incident comes amid an increasingly unstable security situation in Lahj.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on Saturday attacked several security and military institutions in Al-Hawta city, the capital of Lahj.


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