Source: Radio Okapi

Gunmen identified with the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) attacked, Wednesday, Aug. 13, villages near Bili in Orientale Province.  Sources on site reported about four people killed, including three civilians and a militiaman. Two other people were also injured.

It was around 5 pm local time that the gunmen attacked the houses about ten kilometers from Bili-center, say several local sources.

The attackers tried to occupy the village by force where they met resistance from the FARDC. Congolese soldiers in small numbers were not managed to repulse them. A firefight ensued lasting for two hours, says Father Christopher Balambe, pastor of the Catholic parish of Bili.

“The movement began 12 km from Bili and stopped 3 km where there have been clashes between the militia and the FARDC. There were two deaths. In addition to them, there was also a person who was shot dead and another who was butchered with a machete. That’s what I saw. There were also two wounded, “says Father Christopher Balambe.

Father Balambe also claimed that a hundred people-men, women and children-gathered in the Catholic parish of Bili panicked following the gunfire. The commander of the 9th Military Region, General Jean-Claude Kifwa, says that the city of Bili did not fall into the hands of the attackers as the FARDC have halted their progress. 


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