Source: Caj News

ALLEGED Boko Haram terrorists have reportedly taken over abandoned military bases in the terror-stricken Yobe State.

The abandoned sites are in Buni Yadi, Buni Gari and Goniri, in Gujba Local Government Area.

Residents lamented they are now exposed to terror attacks amid the absence of security.

“We are facing a very terrible situation. There is no single security in our area. The same in Buni Gari and Goniri, in fact the boys ( yaara in Hausa referring to Boko Haram) have taken over the military camps in the areas,” said a resident.

A top security source who did not want his name in print, confirmed the absence of the military from the bases.

“It is not a secret any longer that our forces are no longer in Buni Yadi, Buni Gari and Goniri. We only have our troops at Katarko,” he said.

Katarko is 22km from Damaturu and 34km from Buni Yadi.

In a similar development, residents of Gujba and Gulani have called on the Yobe State Government to as a matter of urgency reconstruct the blow-off bridge.

It was gathered that the recent bombing of the Katarko Bridge by the insurgents had temporarily cut off both vehicular and human movement between Buni Yadi, and state capital, Damaturu.

One of the residents of the area, speaking to journalists anonymously in Damaturu after a ride through a “danger zone” said members of the Boko Haram sect moved freely in the area brandishing their guns and weapons.

Yobe, alongside Adamawa States are the worst affected by terror perpetrated by the Boko Haram sect.


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