Source: Radio Tamazuj

Two clans feuding over a piece of land in Twic East County of Jonglei have reached an agreement at Wanglei village.

The final deal was signed on 1 August by representatives from both clans, Ayual and Dachuek, while witnessed by church leaders and the county authorities including the commissioner.

Twic East Commissioner Dau Jurkuch told Radio Tamazuj that the agreement was signed by head chief Deng Ayiel from Ayual and Dau Reech Deng from Dachuek.

Dau said the agreement was witnessed by Duot Ajang, head chief of Kongor Payam, Aweng Deng Chol, head chief of Pakeer Payam, Ayiik Bol executive chief of Tong Boma, church representatives and the county commissioner.

He said the county formed a committee to disseminate news about the importance of the agreement and to follow up on the implementation of its principles.

He said both clans agreed to pay compensation for the lives lost during their long conflict and to share the disputed place known as Wanglei in Nyuak Payam

Three clans live in Nyuak Payam: Dachuek, Ayual and Awulian.

The commissioner called on the youths from both clans of Dachuek and Ayual to listen and adhere to the agreed principles contained in the agreement.


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