Source: The Star

GUN MEN hurled explosives at the Mandera county government headquarters causing damages. The building’s wing that houses finance and other executive offices was destroyed in the attack.

Mandera deputy police boss Bosita Omukolongolo said no injuries or death was reported. “Officers manning the building repulsed the assailants who escaped on foot towards River Daua,” he said.

Omukolongolo said the gunmen hurled a grenade that hit the building’s parameter.

He said window panes were shattered because the wall perimeter wall is barely four metres from the building.

“The attackers took cover behind TB Manyatta, a wing in Mandera County Referral Hospital before hurling the explosives strategically to the county offices. Some part of the building which accommodates executive offices has been damaged, but the damage is not so pronounced,”Omukolongolo said.

He said the assailants are suspected to have been eight in number considering the footprints.

“We are linking this to the al-Shabaab militants because the weapons used are not easily found locally and prior to the attack we had intelligence information that the Al-shabaab were planning a raid on the newly established KDF camp at Omar Jillo,” Omukolongolo said.

He said the attack raid could have been a way of diverting the security attention from pursuing suspected criminals.

“We have officers at Omar Jillo, but we also have enough personnel in town and other areas,” Omukolongolo said.

He said the Omar Jillo area borders the notorious Khadija Haji village of Somali, a hideout of suspected militias who have been attacking cars.

“There is a possibility that one community hired the militants to cause such damages,” Omukolongolo said.


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