Source: Radio Dabanga

An aircraft of the Sudanese Air Force dropped bombs and killed two children in Dolma, East Jebel Marra, on Friday morning. Residents in the area have fled the bombardments, in which a reportedly different type of bomb was used than before.

A relative of one of the dead told Radio Dabanga that an Antonov bombed a tent used by shepherds, located south of Dolma. Sara Hussein Yahya (7 years) and her brother Abaker Hussein Yahya (5 years) were killed on the spot. A number of livestock was destroyed.

The listener explained that the aircraft was flying over the area for a full hour, until 11 am. It then bombed several areas until 12.30 am, dropping 18 bombs in total. Dolma, Kaja, Sauda (east of Kaja), Mashrou Abu Zeid, and Um Laota were bombed. People living in the areas have sought refuge in nearby mountains and forests.

“The bombs differ from earlier bombs, in shape and size of the destruction,” the witness said. “The bombs which were dropped on Friday were in the form of big round boxes, not in the form of cylinders, as they were before. And these new bombs hit the target more accurately, causing mass destruction.”


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