Source: Radio Dabanga

On the occasion of Eid El Fitr, the chairman of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF, an alliance of the main rebel movements), Malik Agar, called on all Sudanese to unite, and work together to topple the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) in Khartoum.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga from Paris, where the SRF leaders met during a five-day conference, Agar said that “time has come for the Sudanese to stand by the armed and unarmed opposition forces”.

“The demise of the NCP regime can only be realised with the support of the people.”

Agar pointed to the “ongoing violence of the Khartoum regime against the population, the genocide in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, and the Blue Nile, and even in the country’s capital, along with the repression of the media, the detention of politicians and opinion makers”.

“In order to stop all this, we call on all the Sudanese, and in particular the opposition, to join forces to get rid of this regime that is eliminating the people of Sudan.”

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