Source: Radio Okapi

Burundi has accused the DRC of lack of cooperation in tracking down armed Congolese bandits who steal and kill in the Lake Tanganyika region. According to the Burundian authorities, this situation could degenerate into widespread piracy and may affect the movement of goods from Tanzania and Zambia. Burundi officials say that they hope that this issue be resolved through diplomatic channels.

The commander of the Burundian Navy, Colonel Ambrose Mandrakiza, expressed concern that crime turns into piracy for ransom economic operators on the lake:

“The origin of these thieves in large part, is Congolese populations. Often they are armed, often they are in Congolese military uniforms.We fear that crime will become a kind of piracy. That would be bad! That is why we should do everything to eradicate it.

The announcement follows two days of shooting where heavy weapons were heard on the Ubwari peninsula in Fizi (South Kivu). According to sources in the Congolese army, militiamen loyal to Yakutumba attacked the position of an FARDC regiment in the Lake Tanganyika area.

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