Source : Radio Tamazuj

The Commissioner of Ezo County in Western Equatoria says that armed horsemen have crossed into the county from Central African Republic, allegedly killing one person.

County Commissioner Albert Moiidie says an estimated 30 armed men riding on horses crossed into Ezo from the Central African Republic.

Radio Miraya quoted the official as saying the horsemen were intercepted by a combined force of army and home guard, resulting in an exchange of gunfire in Yangiri Payam in which one home guard died.

Although the identity of the horsemen has not been confirmed, the commissioner blamed a group of nomadic people known as Ambororo.

“On Saturday, a group of Falata, who are these Ambororo moving on horses, crossed to Yangiri. The estimated number was above 30 people and then when they crossed our army was also there together with our boys,” he said.  

“Then they intercepted them and they exchanged fire. Then one of our boys was killed. On their side, we are not sure…”

The commissioner told Radio Miraya that the security situation in Ezo County is calm as security forces pursue the armed horsemen.

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