Source: Radio Dabanga

An Antonov airplane of the Sudanese Air Force dropped several bombs in East Jebel Marra and killed at least three donkeys on Thursday. On Tuesday, a grenade detonated and killed a woman in Mashrou Abu Zeid.

The aerial bombardment in El Dawai area did not record any human casualties, residents revealed to Radio Dabanga. The bombing coincided with the passage of hundreds of trucks and tankers filled with fuel, coming from El Fasher on their way to Nyala. The vehicles were guarded by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Central Reserve Forces (known as Abu Tira).

Residents in the area revealed to Radio Dabanga that the RSF has been spreading north, south, and west of Tangara since Thursday morning. The town is located 15-20 km south of Tabit in El Fasher locality. They said that the air force was conducting aerial surveys until Thursday afternoon.

Grenade explodes on farm

Sara Yagoub Eisa was killed by a detonating grenade in the area of Mashrou Abu Zeid, East Jebel Marra, on Tuesday afternoon.

One of her relatives told Radio Dabanga that when she was ploughing her farmland with her donkey, she hit a grenade. The bomb detonated, killing Eisa and the donkey instantly.

The witness said that this incident is the fifth of its kind in East Jebel Marra within six months.

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