Source: Radio Dabanga

Two army troops were killed and a citizen injured on Thursday in an attack by a breakaway faction of the Justice and Equality Movement-Sudan (JEM-Sudan) on a military post in Karnoi, North Darfur.

El Sadeg Yousif Zakariya, the spokesman for JEM-Sudan, told Radio Dabanga that “this afternoon, about 1 pm, combatants of the splinter group attacked a military post at the market of Karnoi”. “The group operated in seven Land Cruisers, under the command of El Din Mousa.”

During the attack two soldiers were killed, and a citizen was injured. The attackers plundered a number of shops at the market too.

The faction split from JEM-Sudan under the leadership of Abdallah Jana.  

Zakariya strongly condemned the “attempt by Abdallah Jana to confirm their presence on the ground”, and called it “a blow at peace and stability in the region.”

JEM-Sudan (formerly JEM-Bashar) is itself a breakaway faction from the Justice and Equality Movement, currently led by Jibril Ibrahim. JEM-Sudan signed the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur in April 2013. Its former combatants will be integrated into the Sudan Armed Forces next month.


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