Source: Radio Dabanga

The former rebels of the split-off faction of the Justice and Equality Movement, led by Bakhit Abdallah Abdel Karim (JEM-Sudan) will be officially integrated into the Sudan Armed Forces next month.

The Security Arrangements Commission of the Darfur Regional Authority announced on Monday that the forces of JEM-Sudan will gather in the Jadid El Seil military base, near El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, where on 10 August the inauguration of the integration will take place. In the days following, the final procedures of the security arrangements will be implemented.

Maj. Gen. Abdel Rahman Tajelsir, the Security Arrangements Commissioner of the DRA, told the JEM-Sudan troops, who have been waiting at the gathering point in Golo in El Fasher locality, that the preparations have been completed for the reception of the forces in the Jadid El Seil military base.  

JEM-Sudan is also known as JEM-Bashar, referring to its late leader, Mohamed Bashar. The faction signed the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) in April 2013.

The group, under the leadership of Bakhit Abdallah Abdel Karim, known by the name of Dabjo, has complained more than once about the “slowness” of the Sudanese government in implementing the DDPD’s objectives.


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