Source: Yemen Times

Two young men were killed when an improvised explosive device went off on Friday in Otoma district, Dhamar governorate.

A source inside Otoma’s police department, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the explosion took place in Salem Mountain in the Bait Al-Sharfi area, killing two brothers, named Mujahed Mahdi Al-Sharifi, 25, and Jamal Mahdi Al-Sharifi, 23.  

 Security authorities in Otoma were notified about the accident and the Criminal Investigation Department sent a team to inspect the crime scene, according to the source.

Adel Al-Sharifi, one of the victims’ relatives, said that Mujahid, Jamal, and a third young man were on their way to the mosque for prayer when the explosion occured.

Al-Sharifi links the incident to a long-raging land dispute between the Maooda family and the Rasam and Sahrifi family.  

The land dispute, which started early last year, killed 19 people prior to the six-month peace agreement signed in January 2014.

Al-Sharifi explains that the explosion came five days prior to the end of the truce that was signed in January.

Al-Sharifi accuses the Maooda family of having breached the agreement by planting the explosive.

The Masooda family declined to comment on the incident.

On May 24, security authorities in Dhamar defused an explosive in Otoma disctrict that was planted near the house of Jamal Abdulla Maooda, a member of the local council in Dhamar and the General People’s Congress.


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