Source: Radio Dabanga

At least 13 people, among them women and children, were shot dead, and others injured in an ambush in North Darfur on Saturday. On Sunday, four herdsmen were killed and six others injured in an attack on their village near Malam in South Darfur.

Multiple witnesses told Radio Dabanga that a group of gunmen, believed to be “militiamen allied with the government” opened fire on two commercial lorries and a vehicle in the area of Uzban, west of El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, on Saturday. The vehicles were on their way from El Fasher to Kabkabiya town.

The sources gave conflicting figures about the death toll. One witness said that 14 people died. Another spoke of 16 people killed, including five of the same family (father, mother, and three children). Their bodies, and six wounded were transferred to a military hospital in El Fasher.

The chief of the police of North Darfur State confirmed the incident, but refused to comment on the identity of the attackers.

Officials of the North Darfur State government later stated that 13 citizens were killed. They accused elements of the rebel movements to be behind the ambush. 

The Secretary-General of the rebel Liberation Movement for Justice, Abu Bakr Ahmed Soleiman, strongly condemned “the massacre”. He said that “militiamen allied with the Sudanese government” had carried out the attack.

Among the people killed are Souad Ibrahim Saleh, Khadija Eisa Ramadan, Maryoma Abdallah Mohamed, her son Mohamed Abdallah Mohamed, Hussein Ishag, and his brother.  

Halima Eisa Ramadan, Nouh Eisa, and his brother Omar Eisa are among the wounded.

Village attacked

A herder told Radio Dabanga that on Sunday afternoon “government-backed militiamen in Land Cruisers, and others on camels and horses attacked the nomadic village in Jebel Afara, east of Malam, in South Darfur”.  

“Mohamed Ibrahim Matok, Taher Juma, Doctor Saboun, and Dereig Eisa were killed, and six others were injured.”


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