Source: Radio Dabanga

The newly displaced who sought refuge at the Zamzam camp in North Darfur are living in dire conditions, owing to the lack of water, food, and shelter.

“The more than 35,000 newly displaced at the camp are still waiting to be registered”, a Zamzam camp activist reported to Radio Dabanga.

“They have not received any aid so far. They are in urgent need of food and clean drinking water. As the rainy season has started, and the people are still living in the open, they also require plastic sheets to protect them from the rain.

The camp activist appealed to humanitarian organisations to “immediately intervene and provide relief to the newly displaced.

The newly displaced were forced to flee their homes in March and April this year, during widespread attacks by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces on rural areas west of North Darfur’s capital El Fasher, Donki Baashim, Korma, Kutum, Mellit, Birkat Seira, and Sarafaya, in March and April this year.


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