Source: Yemen Times

Violent clashes between armed tribesmen and security forces broke out in Al-Haima district of Sana’a governorate on Saturday after security forces attempted to reclaim 50 oil tankers seized by tribesmen.

According to Brigadier Yahia Al-Awami, assistant manager of the Sana’a Security Department, fire was exchanged when tribesmen in Al-Haima attempted to thwart efforts by security forces to reclaim the tankers. Two tankers were set ablaze, said Al-Awami.

The 50 oil tankers coming from Hodeida governorate were on their way to the capital Sana’a.

“These tribesmen are retired soldiers who demand their salaries and other rights which they claim have been denied by the government,” said Al-Awami, without elaborating on the details. After two hours of fighting, the oil tankers that were not destroyed were taken by the security forces to the capital, according to Mohammed Al-Hizyazi, who owns three of the fifty oil tankers. Abdullah Al-Asbahi, who is responsible for 17 of the government-owned tankers that were reclaimed, confirmed that the tankers reached their final destination.  Al-Asbahi added that local security forces are still in pursuit of those who seized the tankers. Disgruntled tribesmen regularly set up roadblocks and seize tankers as a means of voicing their grievances.

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