Source: Yemen Times

Houthis and Salafis in Mabar city, Dhamar governorate reached a coexistence agreement on July 9.

Fighting between the Salafis and the Houthis broke out in Dhamar in January 2013, leaving one Salafi member dead.

In May, another round of clashes left six dead and dozens wounded.

The document stipulates three articles and was signed by Houthi representative Yusuf Abdulla Al-Faishi and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al-Emam, the representative of the Salafis.

The first article of the agreement acknowledges the lack of tolerance between the two groups.

Article two of the agreement reads: “the two parties should stop inflammatory speech towards each other in all means and ways and instill fraternity and co-operation between one another,” while the third article calls for direct communication between both parties in times of disagreement.

Thousands of Salafi students study at the religious center of Dar Al-Hadith in Mabar city, one of the largest such institutes in the country.


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