Source: Radio Okapi

Tensions remain high in Kabalocenter located 300 km west of Kalemie, following a community conflict in this part of northern Katanga. On the evening of July 15th,  More than six hundred pygmies fled their homes to find refuge in a regional school. They were attacked in the city of Nzovu World by a n armed Mayi-Mayi militia group composed of Bantus.

According to officials of the Kabalo educational center, more than six hundred pygmies men, women, old people and children have found refuge in the grounds of the primary school Alfajiri; arriving in two different waves.

The first, consisting mostly of women, old people, and children, arrived Tuesday night, with the men of the village arriving Wednesday morning.

According Symphorien Kibanza, Head of Sub-Division of Primary, Secondary, and Vocational Education (EPSP), the displaced were attacked by a Mai Mai militia composed of Bantu in fighting that left two dead.

Recent clashes between the two communities in Maloba, 170 kilometers southeast of Kabalocenter, left at least ten dead at the end of June.

The attack has occurred just weeks after the signing of a peace pact reached in Manono between Bantu and Pygmy parties in the presence of the Provincial Minister of the Interior.


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