Source: Radio Dabanga

Two citizens were critically injured in an attack by militiamen on the village of Abu Dinga in Sirba locality, West Darfur, on Monday. On the same day, gunmen ambushed a commercial vehicle in Central Darfur.

Janjaweed on camels and horses raided our village at about 9pm on Monday”, a listener told Radio Dabanga from Abu Dinga village. “They shot haphazardly at anyone. Yahya Mohamed Yahya and Ali Adam Khater were hit in the head and chest, and fell into a coma. They were transferred to a hospital in El Geneina.”

 “The government-backed gunmen then pillaged the entire village, and took all our livestock too.” The source complained that gunmen are regularly raiding villages in the area, especially the villages of Abu Dinga, Chafo Khalo, Hirazat Teiman, Boura, and Abu Rimal.

He demanded from the West Darfur State authorities to put an end to the abuses of the militiamen.


In Central Darfur, militiamen on horses and camels hijacked a commercial vehicle en route from Golo to Zalingei on Monday.

One of the passengers recounted to Radio Dabanga that the gunmen intercepted the vehicle in the area of Bunduga, east of Zalingei, the capital of Central Darfur. “They robbed us of our money, totalling SDG15,000 ($2,615), and our mobile telephones. Then they took the vehicle, and fled.”


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