Source: World Tribune

The Saudi Interior Ministry said at least five members of the Border Guards, one of them a senior officer, were killed in gun battles along the Yemeni border. The ministry said six gunmen opened fire on a Saudi border post at Wadie on July 4.

“At 11:45 a.m., a security patrol came under fire from assailants near
the Al Wadie border point in the Sharourah province,” Interior Ministry
spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al Turki said on July 5. “This resulted in the
martyrdom of its commander.”

The Interior Ministry said nine other border guards were injured in the
shootout. The statement said five of the six attackers, who arrived at Wadie
in a sports utility vehicle, were killed by security forces.

Officials said two of the Yemeni attackers seized a Border Guards
vehicle and drove through Sharourah. They said another shootout took place
and the insurgents were killed.

This marked the most serious attack on Saudi Arabia from Yemen in 2014.
Officials have blamed Shi’ite insurgents backed by Iran for attacks on
southern Saudi Arabia, but said the latest clashes stemmed from Al Qaida

“Security forces have been inspecting buildings which might have been
used as a hideout for the attackers,” Al Turki said. “The incident is still
under investigation.”

On July 5, the Interior Ministry said two of the remaining infiltrators
blew themselves up after they were surrounded. The ministry said the attackers,
both of them wanted by authorities, had seized part of an intelligence
service building.

“At an early hour this morning, the two attackers resorted to blowing
themselves up,” Al Turki said. “The attackers made no demands, nor heeded
appeals by security men.”


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