Source: Radio Dabanga

At least 10 Sudanese farmers were killed in a raid by Ethiopian gunmen in Basonda area in Gedaref state on Wednesday. They opened fire on the farmers following a dispute over agricultural land.

Omda Abdel Karim Adam Hassan of El Rahad locality in eastern Sudan told Radio Dabanga that two farmers were preparing their lands for the agricultural season when a group of Ethiopans entered the Sudanese territory. They surprised all the farmers by claiming that their farming was illegal. They opened fire on them as soon as it became clear that the farmers refused to obey their orders, and killed 10 Sudanese civilians.

Last Friday, ten members of the paramilitary Popular Defence Forces (PDF) were killed, and 13 others wounded in Gedaref. Ethiopian gunmen had attacked farmlands in the area of Basonda at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, a farmer reported.

Nomads clash with police in River Nile

Five elements of the police in River Nile state were wounded in bloody clashes with the nomads in Um El Tuyor, west of Atbara. They had protested the non-supply of electricity in the area. The police chief of River Nile, Major General Hussein Naafi, admitted the injury of three of his forces. “The police has managed to contain the situation,” he claimed.

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