Source: Relief Web

The field committee assigned to resolve the conflict between the Houthis and the 310th Armored Brigade resumed negotiations with the warring parties in Amran governorate and the Hamdan district of Sana’a on Wednesday with the objective of getting both sides to withdraw their forces.

Amer Al-Marani, Houthi representative in the ceasefire committee, accused Brigadier Hamid Al-Qushaibi, commander of the 310th Armored Brigade, of refusing to hand over positions taken since the outbreak of violence. Al-Marani said the Houthis would evacuate their locations when the other party does so.

The committee visited Al-Jamima, Bani Maimon, Al-Mihshash Mountain and Bait Shuqair areas, according to Al-Marani.

“The two parties will evacuate their positions late Wednesday,” he added.

Ali Al-Sermi, a leading member of the Islah Party in Hamdan, accused the Houthis of routinely breaking the truce, adding that the military should not have to evacuate its positions as it represents the state.

Although the Defense Ministry proposed a truce on June 23, sporadic clashes between the Houthis and tribesmen backed by the military have continued.

The Arhab tribe, whose stronghold is in north Sana’a, accused the Houthis of opening a new fighting front in Arhab. The tribe said the Houthis launched attacks in Arhab on Sunday and Monday. “Houthi militants shelled many areas in Arhab in an attempt to provoke Arhab tribesmen and to open a new fighting front,” read a statement by the tribe.


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