Source: Radio Dabanga

Militia elements injured five internally displaced people in an attack on three villages west of Kass, South Darfur, on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the displaced in West Darfur’s Abu Suruj camp have to pay higher prices for their food products.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that militia members, wearing military uniforms and riding on the backs of camels and horses, opened fire on the displaced, who were working on their farms in Mila, Kunyumadil, and Kumba. They wounded Abdel Halim Osman Ishag, Mousa Mohamed Khamis, Aisha Abakar, Idris Haroun Adam, and Abakar Adam Mousa.

The witnesses added that the militia members also looted 41 goats, sugar, cooking ingredients, and a number of blankets.

Last week, a merchant was abducted in Kass, and a farmer was kidnapped at his farmland.

West Darfur displaced pay higher prices

The displaced people living in Abu Suruj camp, West Darfur’s Sirba locality, have been living in a bad humanitarian situation because of prices that continue to escalate since last June. The price of a plate of dry okra has risen to SDG 80 ($13.95), dry tomatoes to SDG 45 ($7.85), and a pound of sugar costs SDG 4,5 ($7.85).

The spokesman for the women living in the camp to Radio Dabanga described the economic and security situation in the camp as “very bad”. She demanded the authorities to provide them with more security, so that they can go out to cultivate their lands.



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